Any Financial problem?? Here we are to support you like your best friend. Deal !!

As the saying goes, “ The person deserves to be called as the best friend who supports you in your worst times”. For Indians, gold is the world to themselves and when it comes to events and weddings it becomes the most prestigious thing. But when it comes to the financial problems no alternative  comes to the mind other than gold for the support.

Today, the gold price in Surat has reached the clouds. Even though you are selling or buying, everyone thinks thrice for the gold rate in surat. Wanna have the best price on today gold rate in surat?? Here we, My Gold India are presenting ourselves as the best gold buyers in surat.

We, My Gold India pledges to serve you for buying and selling for the best gold rate in Surat. We promise you the transparency between us and the customers’ communication.

This yellow metal has made the Indians crazy in its love but its investment. So as an investment, you need to be careful about its purity. Some can be foul players with the quality and purity of Gold. So one should check the purity.


To check the purity of gold is the most crucial step, as it can give you the accurate value of the gold. For this one  should check the below elements:

For Jewellery:

  1. BIS Mark
  2. Purity of the fineness of different level of gold in Carats
  • 958-23 Carat
  • 916-22 Carat
  • 750-18 Carat
  • 585-14 Carat
  1. Identification mark or number on jewellery
  2. Hallmark’s identification mark or number

For Gold Coin:

  1. BIS mark
  2. Carat
  3. Fineness

BUT, before investing in gold there are many questions and parameters you should know and have a basic knowledge about it. Knowing that Gold is the thing where everyday the prices are raised and decreased according to the nation’s economy, you might get afraid off. But do not worry, it’s never like the share market. At some point gold has always benefited in the worst time.

Following are the aspects you need to know before buying the Gold or selling it.

[Table of gold investment in surat, MyGoldIndia ]

 Coming to the investment, now there would be a question in your mind about how much to invest.

How much to invest in gold?

Well the answer is quite diplomatic. It depends on the annual income of your family and how your expenses are. Obviously, any investment needs finance. According to the experts’ recommendation, you can consider the small portion of your savings to the gold investment. You might consider about 5-10 % of your annual investment portfolio.

After this you will be reaching to the question of how the jeweller values your gold or calculate the gold price. And it is the valid question for the customers to come to mind.

So, how does the jeweller calculate the final gold price in Surat?​

Today gold rate in surat is valued taking in consideration the gold rate in surat as per the quality and purity along with the net weight + the making charges and GST.


Gold rate in Surat = Gold Price (22/18/14 carat) * weight (in grams) + making charges + GST 3% on the rates.

So now you can calculate it by yourself and there won’t be the risk of foul play for you.

Where to buy and sell gold?

There are so many places and stores which deal in the gold buying and selling process. Mostly, every gold Jeweller can give the pricing and evaluation on the gold. But the important thing is which seller gives you the perfect service and evaluation without any kind of foul and with transparency.

We can assure you with all the quality and services that we provide. However, if you do buy or sell from any other place be focused on the important aspects like services before buying.

Today Gold Rate In Surat:

[table from]


1.Verifying from experts.

 Even though we know that we are financially distressed, we also know that nobody trusts nobody for these precious stones and elements. And so we are aware of the verification that every customer has trust on. We implement the cutting edge patented technology and machineries to evaluate and verify the Gold. After this, we can value your gold at the best market current gold price in surat.

Again, the customers would have some doubts for the transactions and payments.

But not to worry !! Every transaction will be transparent enough to make you understand. We also offer you the immediate payment solutions and provide you the cash against your gold.

2.Document Verification is MUST

 This step is to ensure that the selling of gold at the best market price is fast, pace,  secured and trustworthy. Most importantly, we verify your documents provided by the Government authority i.e PAN/ Aadhar card and electricity or water bills for the residentship validity.  Once this step is completed, we proceed with the next step i.e Cash against your gold.

3.Cash for your Gold

 Last and final step, get the cash against your gold which is valued according to the best market gold price in Surat. You get paid on the spot and with the immediate satisfaction. Now just need to get your problems solved from that Cash. Go ahead and kick off your financial distress from your life.

REMEMBER, we are always there to support you as your best friend indeed.


 As we pledge with the transparency with our customers, we help you with the release of the pledge gold for your difficult times. Here is the way we work after buying the gold from the banks and other financial institutes to offer you the best and today gold rate in surat.

  • For the release of pledged gold we pay the financial institutes.
  • We estimate the value at our workplace.
  • We deduct the amount paid for the release and our service charges and rest is returned to the customers.

REMEMBER, we evaluate your gold at free of cost. Besides this we also offer you the best available market gold price in Surat. All the procedures are followed very carefully because we know the value of the GOLD.


My Gold India, has been dealing with the Gold industry since 2017. Our implementation and technologies makes us the most trustworthy buyers and sellers of GOLD amongst our competitors. We are completely committed towards making our customers happy and satisfied. We as a gold seller and buyer with the best gold price in surat, procedures and steps to follow make the most preferred place for the customers.


Our goal is to make MY GOLD INDIA into the place for the customers where there is transparency in deals and transactions. Quick and simple steps to proceed for the selling and buying of the gold makes it much easier for the customers to approach us. That makes us feel proud about having top level satisfaction and transparency. The encashing of gold is provided through the cash, NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS.

So get up and have some amazing experience with us on having the benefits while buying or selling the gold for the today gold rate in Surat.


Re-thinking doesn’t have issues but doubting might change your mind. Here are some common FAQs to clear your doubts.

1.Which are the Factors you must know before buying GOLD ?

The Buyer needs to check the BIS hallmark. Do also consider the gold price in surat for the weightage on the specific rates.

2.How we, MY GOLD INDIA, better against the other competitors in Surat ?

With the convenient location, instant quotation and evaluation, we provide the best transparency and the services to satisfy our customer expectation.

3.How will I get paid by MY GOLD INDIA for my Gold ?

After the evaluation of your gold with the current market gold rate in surat and with the best of the technologies, we transfer your money on the spot through RTGS, NEFT or IMPS.

Make a list and tick mark the below points while buying or selling the Gold

Check gold price in surat per gram: Do not end up paying extra.

Learn about some different level of purity: So that no one can foul play you because of less knowledge

Ensure Certificate: Make sure of the purity level and the quality of the gold you are buying or selling.

Be Careful about buying/selling terms: Learn about their policies throughout. For example, know the selling policies whether it includes the exchange terms or not. If it includes asking about whether the seller will exchange the gold at the same price or are there any cost cutting involved.

Collect Bill: At last, don’t forget to collect the bill. It’s most important.

Getting more doubts in mind, get back to us and have it cleared. Make sure you sell or buy from the authorized and trustworthy company.

Get your gold evaluated now with the legal procedures verifying the hallmark, stones, weight of the jewellery and get your every expectation fulfilled.