General Questions


1.What are the factors to be considered while buying gold?

As buyers of gold jewellery we check for the BIS hallmark. We also consider the gold price per gram rate on the specific day.

2. Will you deduct stone weight while evaluating our gold?

Yes, your jewellery will be valued for stones and gold separately depending on their respective weight in the ornament. This happens because gold and stones have different prevailing market rates and hence, have to be valued accordingly.

3. Will you collect margin?

As buyers of gold jewellery, yes we do maintain a nominal margin to meet the costs for running our business.

4. When I want to sell my gold,I have noticed a few variations in the market price and your online rate. Why is that?

The price displayed online is typically the gold selling price, ie, the price you get when you want to buy gold. However, the selling price varies, but always remains lower than the buying price for us to stay in business. However, we strive to offer the best gold selling price in the market.

5. How do you decide on Old gold price?

Old gold price depends on the purity of gold. Gold purity is essentially categorized into 18-carat, 22-carat and 24-carat per gram of gold with 24-carat gold being considered the purest form. The old gold price of all these varieties fluctuates everyday.

6. What is the per gram rate of gold?

The price of gold is not fixed; it fluctuates daily depending on the market rate and the purity of your gold. You can estimate your old gold price by filling our online form for an instant quote or visiting our nearest branch and getting a free evaluation.


1. Where can I sell my gold?

You can sell your gold at My gold India, the most trusted gold buyers in India. We are located at Surat, Gujarat.

Our shop address is U-6, VISHWAKARMA CHAMBERS, MAJURAGATE, SURAT-395002.

2. What is the minimum age criterion if I want to sell my gold at My Gold India?

We buy gold from individuals who are above 18 years of age.

3. Do you work on Sundays?

My Gold India is closed on Sunday.

4. What are your branch timings?

We are operational from 9.00 AM to 7 PM (Monday to Saturday).

5. Where are the My Gold India Branches located?

We have only one branch currently. We are located AddressVishwakarma Chambers, U-6, Majura Gate, Surat, Gujarat 395002.

6. How much time does it take to sell gold at a My Gold India branch?

It depends on the quality and quantity of gold. In our experience, it takes a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes.

7. Will you RTGS the payment to our account?

Yes. We can give you up to INR 10000 in cash and the remaining will be transferred in RTGS or IMPS.

8. How can you help in releasing gold?

As buyers of gold jewellery, we also assist in releasing pledged gold that is held by banks, pawn-shops or other financial institutions. At the time of release, My Gold India  executive will accompany you to bank and pay the institution holding your gold. Once released, the gold will be brought back to our branch and valued. Based on the evaluation, we will give you a final valuation of your gold, which will include the amount paid by us to release the gold along with our service fee and return back the remaining amount.

9. Will you do a takeover from a different NBFC/Bank?

Yes. We can facilitate a takeover from any bank, NBFC or pawnbroker.

10. Will you consider evaluating diamonds/other precious gems as part of old gold price?


11. What kind of ornaments will be accepted?

All gold ornaments, biscuits and coins are accepted for sale.

12. Do I require Local Address proof?

Yes. We cannot buy your gold if this document is absent.

13. What documents will I require when I want to sell my gold?

Original id/Address proof
· One Cheque leaf
· Purchase Invoice
· Local Address proof
· Professional id cards
· Pledged slip (If release is involved)


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